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Hi my name is Dave. I first saw Original Living Coconut at the Baker Creek Festival in Mansfield MO.  I tried their Coconut "ice cream" and was
immediately hooked.  When I got back home, I checked out their website and decided to try the regular coconut water Kefir and the Rasberry coconut cream
kefir!  What amazing products.  You can just taste the depth of probiotics that you are getting with each sip!  The Rasperry cream kefir was like a delicious healthy dessert!  I have no ailments or major issues with my body
or health, but I take a shot of the kefir each day as a health stimulator and preventative!  The only thing that people may be concerned about is the price of the products.  In this case I can only say that you do get what you pay for, the products are expensive but the rewards are worth it. 

Thank you
Original Living Coconut!
Dave S.
Rolla MO


Ann E. of Wisconsin emailed, "I love your raw coconut cream and have been eating it almost every day in my morning smoothie. I have many health challenges and cannot eat may foods but have no trouble at all digesting your coconut cream, coconut cream desert and coconut oil. I react to any impurities so I know it is purely produced. I truly believe this has contributed to the overall balancing of my health and that it has an overwhelming positive effect on my well-being and energy. Yours is a very high-quality product and I highly recommend it !! Thank you!"

Thanks so much for doing ALL that you do because this stuff is incredible and I am really excited to see it make it more across the world & reach people whom it can make a real impact with, because it's made an impact in me.  It gave me hope that even in the world of delicious desserts there are people who are aware of health and wanting to bring products like this to market.  I appreciate it a lot lot lot.  


I've been ordering RAW Coconut products for over three years now and have turned so many people on to the benefits and delicious choices Original Living Coconut has to offer. Would Love for our local food Co-op to carry their products however the fact that several of us here order product together almost weekly is testimony to our dedication to the product! Thank you for being there for us!!! xoxo




First of all, thanks for all of your help Ben! Second, let Renee and everybody at OLC know that the entire experience has been very pleasant. The best customer service I've had! Last, the taste is delicious! I could have eaten the entire jar in a couple of minutes. But I must be patient and use it wisely.Lord-willing, I will be a returning customer and this kidney stone(s) will pass! Please pray for me.


Take care,



 I love the coconut cream. It makes everything I put it in taste coco-nutty. Plus I'm noticing the health benefits. My skin is so soft. I just feel better. Thank you for making it.






I love Original Living Coconut!  It is one of my favorite products to have on hand.  I love the taste, health benefits, and nourishment I receive from it.  I highly recommend it.  My 6 year son eats it too. We consume it everyday in smoothies, on top of fresh berries, or right off the spoon.  So glad I learned about this product.  It’s great.  Can’t be without it.


Renee Goodin

Portland, OR



Original Living Coconut Cream is like an additive to your car's engine to

make it run cooler, quieter, longer.  Within 10-15 minutes all my organs

said, "ahhh."  The metabolic rate cooled, quieted and the parts run more

smoothly, longer.  I also take it before bedtime or if I wake up in the night

and can't get back to sleep.  Since it quiets the metabolic demand, I go

right back to sleep and wake up energized.  On the 5th day, using about 1

tablespoon 4x's a day, I returned to my normal energies of over 2 years

prior.  I was simply amazed at all my chores and tasks which were easily



Priscilla Claren


I am so appreciating your wonderful products!  This is the first time I've tried the raspberry kefir drink.  It is heavenly!!

May your company continue to be blessed,





I have been using your products for about 3 months now, and i already notice a great improvement in my health.

The raw coconut kefir has been especially good for my kidney and bladder function.  the raw coconut cream and coconut oil has helped me with digestion and elimination issues.


carol armstrong


Carol Armstrong Recipe

2Tbl coconut cream

1/4c recipe ready pecans

1/4c recipe ready walnuts

1/4 c organic unsweetened coconut

1/4 tsp cocoa powder

1/4 tsp cinnamon

2 tsp turbinado cane sugar

1/4 tsp pure vanilla bean extract


stir all together and enjoy


You folks do such a great job, and I'm still to busy to make own with the Green Star. So another order please.



Are you on Pinterest? 

I love your recipes and I would like to have a Pinterest board with your delicious recipes and be able to share them with my friends.

Thank you!



Mary Bailey Merrill wrote: "I love this coconut cream."


Jean Market wrote: "I dish out a spoon full in my smoothie daily-YUM!"



I have been eating the Raw Coconut Honey and Lime cream for almost a year now. Its the best tasting supplement I’ve ever had. I’m not one to be faithful about supplements, but this is completely delectable! My three little children love it too, ages 7, 5, and 3. The plain Coconut Cream was also our baby’s first food to try at about age 4 months.

Overall I just feel better since taking it. Thank you Original Living Coconut for a reason to get up before my children in the morning, so I don't have to share.

P.S. I love the taste of coconut but I hate the little fiber pieces, this is the PERFECT marriage!  

Rebecca Campbell


"Honestly, I didn't even care to try your coconut cream. I thought it was going to be just like all the other coconut creams on the store shelves. So, I just added it to my smoothie without trying it on its own. Then once you convinced me to try it alone, without mixing it with anything else, wow! I like to let it just melt in my mouth. The flavor is excellent & I love the creamy, melt-in-your-mouth texture." 

Dave T. Springfield, MO.


"I really can't get enough of the Raw Coconut Cream & Kefir. I have been eating the Raw Coconut Cream since 2008 when I began working for Renee. It really has been a life changer for me. It gives me SO MUCH energy. I have a lot of energy to begin with, (but there are days when I need a push) so it is often hard for me to get affected by caffeinated drinks. I usually need extra espresso! The Coconut Cream is a healthy, life-giving espresso for me. I also love it just as a quick snack. I keeps me full & satisfied for a long time. I started drinking the Raw Coconut Kefir months ago after experiencing constipation for about a year (too long). I tried all there is to try & nothing worked for me. Renee kept recommending the Kefir to me, but I thought it was going to be like every other thing I have tried. I WAS WRONG! The Kefir has also been a life changer for me. I drink 2 ounces immediately after waking every day & it never fails me. I have a regular, easy bowel movement every day! I am so thankful for these miracle foods!!!"

Lindsay B. El Dorado Springs, MO.   




Using virgin coconut oil is helping us to simplify our lives in many ways. We're really happy with the fact that we know every ingredient in our face cream. And it's all good, healthy, pure virgin coconut oil! Even so-called "natural" face creams have so many ingredients, most of which I can't pronounce and don't even know what they are. Now we don't have that problem any more.

- Linda (Illinois)




"Thank you so much! Your coconut oil is the best I've ever eaten. I recommend it to anyone who mentions coconut oil! :) I will continue to reorder." - Patty G., MO.




"At my last physical, the doctor was amazed at the change in my cholesterol level! Though the total number was higher, the "bad cholesterol" was much lower, and the good much higher! He also said my triglyceride levels were amazing. I attribute this very positive change to eating raw coconut cream every morning in my fruit smoothie!

Thank you so much!" - Patty K.


"Just LOVE my raw coconut creme!! It is my breakfast every morning!! Thank you Renee!! I am hooked!! :)

-Lisa  S. ~Ontario, Canada



"My wife & I have tried just about every natural alternative to toxic, store-bought deodorant, including lime juice, lemon juice, raw apple cider vinegar, & nothing worked. Finally, we came across baking soda & virgin coconut oil. We thought it would be a let down just like everything else. We were wrong, & amazed! This mixture works wonderfully for both of us! Thank you, OLC for a superb coconut oil- it's fantastic!"  -Carl B.  



"My sister in law introduced me to the peak fitness program from Dr. Mercola. I needed to lose weight in order to fit into a bridesmaid dress for a wedding last November. I started the program at the end of August. I jumped on my trampoline 6 days a week (using the peak program). In addition to the program, I was eating mostly Raw Coconut Cream to help curb my appetite, give me a natural energy boost, & to get my metabolism going. The coconut cream definitely did an outstanding job aiding in keeping me full & energized! I actually lost more weight than I needed- the dress was loose on me! I've always enjoyed working out, but nothing has been more effective than the peak program mixed with the Raw Coconut Cream." - Lindsay B. 



I have always had trouble passing a bowel movement with ease- always having to push so hard to barely get anything out. I have tried a lot of different things in hopes that my bathroom experiences would be more pleasant. Nothing has worked for me. I decided to give the Raw Coconut Kefir a try even though I didn't think it would work. Wow, I am pleasantly surprised- it helped me!!! Thank you OLC for this deliciously wonderful probiotic drink! I am in love! I love the fizziness too. :)

- Lindsay B. 


David Harris wrote: "Best thing I have ever used to bring down bad cholesterol numbers and make me feel better."