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Health Benefits of Coconut Cream

Why is Coconut Cream Expensive?

If anyone has tried to make their own, you know how tedious of a project this is…

  1.     Open the ends with a hammer and screw driver
  2.     Drain the coconut milk/water
  3.     Crack open the coconut with a hammer
  4.     Manually dig all of the coconut meat out with an oyster shucker.
  5.     Juice the coconut meat through a Greenstar juicer.

We realized that it is a major project to make coconut cream, and although it is a crucial staple in a raw diet, it is the one thing most people give up first, due to the difficulty in making it. So...

Don’t give up!

Let Original Living Coconut provide this diet staple to you!

How to Use Our Coconut Cream

  •     Use it in your smoothies
  •     Mix it with fruit
  •     Make coconut ice cream with it
  •     OR – Just eat it plain right out of the jar! Delicious!

Original Living Coconut has one of only three machines in this country to make this amazing coconut cream!

Make sure you get signed up to get it weekly as it will sell out quickly!