Health Benefits of Coconut Cream

Coconut Cream is one of the most important foods that should be in your diet and here’s why:

It is the most powerful solvent for breaking up stored hardening in the body such as stored plaque due to cooked fats, cooked cholesterol and medications. This is crucial. Plaque hardening of the arteries, nerve endings, brain and lymph (just to name a few areas) is one of the most difficult stored toxins to remove. Coconut cream will do this.

Unlike coconut oil which is fat soluble, coconut cream is both fat and water soluble.

You’ve already read about the Benefits of Coconut Oil in Treasure Chest #2. All of the same benefits apply to coconut cream, PLUS it is the most powerful solvent for breaking up stored plaque as well!

Portions of this information has been used with the permission of

Research Written by, Kim Cohen, author of, “Raw to Radiant, The Secrets to a Long Life of Radiant Health.”

Why is Coconut Cream Expensive?

If anyone has tried to make their own, you know how tedious of a project this is…

  1.     Open the ends with a hammer and screw driver
  2.     Drain the coconut milk/water
  3.     Crack open the coconut with a hammer
  4.     Manually dig all of the coconut meat out with an oyster shucker.
  5.     Juice the coconut meat through a Greenstar juicer.

We realized that it is a major project to make coconut cream, and although it is a crucial staple in a raw diet, it is the one thing most people give up first, due to the difficulty in making it. So...

Don’t give up!

Let Original Living Coconut provide this diet staple to you!

How to Use Our Coconut Cream

  •     Use it in your smoothies
  •     Mix it with fruit
  •     Make coconut ice cream with it
  •     Coconut Cream is a necessary ingredient in the “Lymph Drainage” bath drink
  •     OR – Just eat it plain right out of the jar! Delicious!

Original Living Coconut has one of only three machines in this country to make this amazing coconut cream!

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